In June of 2021, I was stepping out of the subway on my way to work one Midtown Manhattan morning when a guy stopped me and asked if he could take a Polaroid of me. He very politely introduced himself and told me that he and his wife were fans and explained that Polaroids were his medium. Being the camera whore that I am (and he being such a nice guy), I happily granted permission.

He took the photo, asked me to sign it with a Sharpie and gave me his card. Then we both headed to our respective jobs. A real New York moment.

Since then, I’ve been following Rick DeMint and his wonderful ongoing series of candid Polaroid portraits of celebrites, all signed by the celebrity while the photo develops. He calls them “Portroids” (@portroids on Instagram) and they’re delightful. He’s literally taken thousands since starting this back in 2003. 

Just recently, Rick reached out and asked if I would be interested in being a guest on his Portroids Podcast. Again… I was delighted. I met him (and his beautiful wife Erica) at a podcast studio in midtown, where he and I had a conversation I thoroughly enjoyed.

Here it is:

Oh, and he took another Polaroid after we recorded the show. Love it.

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  1. Caroline Filler

    I loved the podcast, great to hear you interviewed.