A Killer Deal on 007’s Conduit Cut from Anthony Sinclair

When bespoke tailor Anthony Sinclair set up shop on Conduit Street in Mayfair, London, he created a signature cut of a suit characterized by a natural shoulder, a roped sleeve head, a suppressed waist and a slightly flared skirt. The design became known as the Conduit Cut.

Terence Young, the director of Dr. No (1962), was a client of Sinclair and introduced the tailor to the man who would become the template for James Bond. Sinclair continued to make all of Sean Connery’s suits throughout his original six-film tenure as 007.

Sean Connery getting properly suited by Anthony Sinclair in London. (Photo by Harry Myers / Rex Features)
Sean Connery getting properly suited by Anthony Sinclair in London. (Photo by Harry Myers / Rex Features)
The Anthony Sinclair brand lives on with the same standard in superlative craft under the creative direction of David Mason and Sinclair’s apprentice, Richard W. Paine, offering bespoke service, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear. Jetting over to London to get fitted for a custom cut of the Bond look would be out of most men’s price range, but there is another option. A really good one.

Anthony Sinclair is currently running an offer that nearly made my head explode when I read it. The deal includes a gorgeous Conduit Cut suit in Italian Super 120s solid navy or Carlo Barbera (Italian) Super 130s grey sharkskin, a white twill dress shirt with French cuffs or cocktail cuffs, a black or midnight blue knit tie and a linen pocket square with either a red, blue or white hand-rolled edge for £700.00 (007 backwards. Get it?). In US dollars, that adds up to $1,092 including tax.

The Navy Suit

The Grey Sharkskin Suit

The Added Inducements…

A total Bond look made with the same standards, tradition and heritage as Connery’s kit for under $1100? This offer is sick.

If I were in the market for a solid navy or grey sharkskin plus the other gear to round it out, I’d pull the trigger on this yesterday. Visit Anthony Sinclair online for all the details:

Just for fun…

Here’s a short documentary from 2012 when Anthony Sinclair was commissioned by the Barbican in London to reproduce two iconic Bond suits for the “Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style” exhibit. You’ll love it.


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