Who doesn’t need a simple, handsome, well-made and affordable dress belt? Although most of my suits are custom made without belt loops, I do have a couple of cotton summer suits that require a good dress belt. There are also those more casual situations with dress pants or dark jeans when I need a good dress belt to coordinate with my oxfords or chukka boots.

There are countless options for good dress belts, but I prefer the simplest, most understated, most elegent options for the most reasonable cost. Finding a belt at a reasonable cost is difficult, especially if you’re after a designer brand. The solution to this is usually to use a replica, like this high-quality fake Gucci belt, that will come at a very low price compared to the real one whilst still looking almost identical to the full-priced belt. Having said that, designer isn’t always something that people look for in a belt; I was convinced for a long time that J.Crew struck the best balance of quality, elegance and price with very handsome belts for $68. Recently, however, I came across a British company called Denura.

Originally a manufacturer of belts for designer brands, Denura is now making belts available direct to the consumer, which, as we know in this disruptive age, enables a very accessible price point. The belts are handcrafted in the UK with vegetable tanned leathers from Italy and Spain. They’re available in dress and casual styles in several colors.

My favorites:

The kicker is the price. Regular leather and patent leather belts are £29.90 ($42.50 US), and suede belts are £39.90 ($56.70 US). Now I have a simple, elegant, handsome new dress belt.


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