In this short film by MR PORTER, designer Tom Ford offers some useful and amusing advice on how a man should dress. The video is a promotional piece introducing his exclusive capsule collection for MR PORTER, comprised of his six personal wardrobe go-tos.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I’ve always loved his thinking on men’s wear. To me, Ford is a learned student of style, sharing (and selling) his point of view, which happens to be a really good one. He knows how to make a man look like a man, not a boy.

“I tend to like the classic rules of traditional men’s wear.” – Tom Ford

The white poplin dress shirts… the lapel width… the jacket length… tailoring and fit… evening wear… He’s right on all of it. The point for me is not to take it literally, as in “literally buy a Tom Ford suit.” What I get out of this is a reminder of a classic style aesthetic that always works. Lord knows I can’t even afford one of his shoes, let alone a complete pair. I just take the inspiration and invest in similar options that are within my budget.


  1. Sorry, but Tom’s rules for fragrance are horrid! 95% of fragrances are synthetic, and an assault of the olfactory senses. (Have you ever tried to enjoy fine food, while the party seated next to you is polluting the air with their ‘fragrance’?)

  2. Have to agree with John C. The whole intense fragrance thing is uber-indulgent – he is thinking only of himself, not his friends, clients or potential mates. Thoughts welcome.

  3. Bruce Trerhwick

    Great video. Only thing I’d quibble with is the recommendation for a black suit. Should nearly always be navy.

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