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10 Reasons to Like George Hahn on Facebook

Like you, I’m incessantly bludgeoned by requests to “Like” something or someone on Facebook. The question these requests often fail to answer is simple: Why should I like you? What am I getting out of this other than doing you the favor of boosting your numbers to make you look popular? It reminds me of the race for prom queen in high school.

Now here I am doing the same thing, running for homecoming king and asking people to “Like” me on Facebook. But I’m not just going to pelt you with a hollow request to like me. I’m actually going to give you reasons why. Ten of them, actually. And if it’s still not enough to inspire you to hit the “Like” button, no worries and no pressure. Thanks for even reading this far.

Here we go:

  1. I’m in the same boat as you. I’m not in the 1%, but I am a guy who appreciates living well and looking good. I am my own target audience.
  2. I will never slam you with hype or push anything you can neither afford nor use. I only feature content that I actually use or have myself, or would use or have if I needed it. Nothing “aspirational.” (If I ever make an exception to this, I’ll have a good reason why.)
  3. I hate fashion more than you. As design legend Yves Saint-Laurent once said: “Fashions fade. Style is eternal.”
  4. There will only be good stuff. The web is polluted with snarks and black-belt practitioners of online bitchery. We don’t need another one.
  5. I not an expert. I’m a crash-test dummy. As a total non-professional here, I’m only qualified to talk about things with which I have personal and firsthand experience. When things work, it’s great. When they don’t, it can be pretty funny, and I’ll tell you all about it.
  6. I talk the talk and walk the walk. If I win the lottery tomorrow or become rich overnight by a media payoff from a sex scandal, I will still iron my own shirts, shine my own shoes and make my own coffee.
  7. It’s all me. My assistant will not be ghosting my updates, posts and tweets on my behalf. If my name is on it, I’m on it.
  8. This is not a hostage situation. I’m not a fan of mass-mailings or newsletters, ESPECIALLY after I merely “liked” something on Facebook. If you want to stay up-to-date with the goings on, I leave it entirely up to you to participate on Facebook, on Twitter and on my website on your own time and schedule.
  9. I want to help. I’ve gotten wonderful feedback from guys who have gone out of their way to graciously thank me for something helpful I’ve posted. Sure, it gives me a little buzz, but it also makes me work even harder to produce more useful, practical and helpful content.
  10. I genuinely love this stuff. I love getting dressed. I enjoy practicing a sense of occasion. I love finding tools and tricks to make my apartment a little sexier. I enjoy a good laugh as trends come and go so quickly. I live for movies, television and music. (Who doesn’t?) I love to evolve.

And that’s it. Here is the George Hahn page on Facebook:

Like it. Or not.