My Dog Run Wear

This is a basic. Dog runs are not hotbeds of cleanliness, which means wearing comfortable garb that I don’t mind getting dirty or wet. The dog run can also be a gateway to Frumpytown, characterized by ill-fitting clothes from the ugly bin. My ego won’t allow it. I believe that the “I don’t care what…


Rescue a Dog

When I’m walking Smokey, people often ask me “What kind of dog is he?” Inquiring eyes still glaze over with incomprehension when I say he’s a “mutt,” or a “rescue.” If it’s not an identifiable “dog show” breed, many people don’t know what it is, which suggests that there is a lack of awareness about…


VIDEO: November 22, 2011

Dog sitting two monkeys whilst I amusedly peruse the clothes, accessories, gadgets, housewares and other aspirational offerings in a gentleman’s style magazine. It’s a giant “fuck you” to any man who doesn’t have at least six figures of disposable income, i.e. those of us in the 99%. Most entertaining.