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Magnus Stand for iPad 2

There are lots of stands out there for the iPad 2. Most of them are ugly. Apple introduced the iPad 2 with a beautifully designed and aptly named Smart Cover, available through Apple. The only drawback of the Smart Cover is that it only supports the tablet in horizontal or “landscape” orientation.

The folks at Ten One Design have introduced a stand for the iPad 2 that supports it in either the landscape or portrait orientation. It’s called the Magnus Stand for iPad 2. Not only is it smart in its function, it is also simple and elegant in its form. With a design that looks like a natural and incidental extension of the iPad, it’s made from pure aluminum with customized magnets installed into the base and rubberized feet on the bottom surface.

If I didn’t already have an iPad stand I love, I’d grab this in a New York minute. It can be had for a fair $49.95 and is available from the Ten One Design website.

Get it.