Handsome Reading Glasses from A.J. Morgan

I’ve been lucky. I’ve made it my entire life without needing corrective lenses of any kind. Until now.

Since I turned 44 last year, small print has decided to become harder for me to read than the terms and conditions of an Apple software upgrade. After a little bit of denial, a lot of squinting and ultimate acceptance, I decided to march over to the CVS across the street and investigate the reading glasses situation. Continue reading “Handsome Reading Glasses from A.J. Morgan”


Quality Goods, Minus the Middlemen (and the Cost)

For our whole lives, we’ve been trained to believe that certain things just cost what they cost. We just accept it without questioning it. It’s a model that disrespects men who may have discerning tastes but not necessarily the means. In a post-crash, post-Occupy, 99% world, it’s a model ripe for disruption. Continue reading Quality Goods, Minus the Middlemen (and the Cost)