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Smart Dress Shirts from Paul Fredrick

As nice as some of them can be, most inexpensive dress shirts are sized in the very general small, medium, large, extra-large and even double-extra categories. Some purveyors have refined slightly further with slim fits. This is all fine if you happen to be the exact sample size of a S, M, L or XL. But a proper dress shirt has more exact size measurements, specifically in the neck and sleeve.

While most properly-sized shirts can be much more costly than a $40 S/M/L/XL shirt, dress shirt maker Paul Fredrick has made the process (and purchase) more accessible. They are currently running an introductory offer through the end of April 2012 of up to four white pinpoint oxford dress shirts for each new customer. Options include your choice of collar (get a traditional straight collar) and a choice of barrel or French cuffs. As an added bonus, they’re even throwing in monograming on the cuff or breast pocket at no extra charge. You can have your choice of three different typefaces (block, diamond or script) in one of twelve different colors.

The best part? These Paul Fredrick shirts ordinarily run for $50, and the monogram costs an additional $10. In the introductory offer, each shirt is $20, including the collar, cuff and monogram.

For those who’ve been living with S/M/L/XL shirt sizing, Paul Fredrick has produced a brief and informative video on how to measure yourself for a shirt. Watch it here:

Like any shirt, these will shrink within a few washings. Paul Fredrick has accounted for this and deliberately “upsized” the shirts by about a half an inch, which means that they should be slightly large when you put them on right out of the package. After the first few washings, the requisite shrinkage will bring them down to your proper size.

Get your shirts.