The Skin Game

Every five minutes, it seems there’s another men’s skin product that professes to be better than the one that came out five minutes before, promising to solve a problem that has already been solved by several products that came before it (but with way cooler packaging, of course). And every twenty minutes, I get an email from a PR person wanting me to write about one of these revolutionary new products that’s going to change shaving and skincare as we know it. It’s a saturated market that can be confusing to even the most educated consumer. Continue reading “The Skin Game”


Quality Goods, Minus the Middlemen (and the Cost)

For our whole lives, we’ve been trained to believe that certain things just cost what they cost. We just accept it without questioning it. It’s a model that disrespects men who may have discerning tastes but not necessarily the means. In a post-crash, post-Occupy, 99% world, it’s a model ripe for disruption. Continue reading Quality Goods, Minus the Middlemen (and the Cost)