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A Kickstarter for Smart New Bags from Owen & Fred

I happen to be in the market for a duffel bag, and it looks like a just found one…

Brooklyn locals Owen & Fred are launching a smart new collection of bags on Kickstarter. All the bags are under $100 and made in the U.S.A., right in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The collection includes a duffel bag, a commuter bag and a shaving kit. (My own shaving kit happens to be from Owen & Fred.)

Duffel bags, commuter bags and "Hey, Handsome" shaving kits from Owen & Fred on Kickstarter
Duffel bags, commuter bags and “Hey, Handsome” shaving kits from Owen & Fred on Kickstarter

The bags are available in three color combos: army green, black and tan, with orange interior; grey and black, with electric blue interior; and Owen & Fred’s signature midnight navy and red. The Kickstarter campaign for the bags features several rewards for different tiers of backing, ranging from tags, a choice of bags, or the full kit of bags. I’m going for the grey and black duffel featured on the rear rack of the Brooklyn Cruiser pictured below.

Owen & Fred duffels in gray/black, Army olive and Owen & Fred's signature blue and red.
Owen & Fred duffels in gray/black, Army olive and Owen & Fred’s signature blue and red.

For more images and complete details on the bag materials and construction, visit the Kickstarter page. If you’re in the market for a great bag yourself or as a gift for someone else, supporting this great New York local has my full thumbs up.

Your Next Bag by Owen & Fred – Kickstarter

Bike to Work Week: Arriving at the Office Unscathed

Photo by Rob Mandolene.
Photo by Rob Mandolene.

It’s Bike to Work week, with the official Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 17. This means more cyclists on the streets of New York City, which we love. And hopefully, after NYC Bike Share officially launches later this month, we’ll have even more people getting around the city more efficiently.

After tweeting out some photos to promote the idea and perhaps encourage and inspire city guys to get on a bike, some followers posed a couple of important questions about getting and arriving to work on a bike with their style unscathed. Here is my video response…

A Tangerine Dream from Brooklyn Cruiser

Men's Driggs 3-Speed Commuter Bike from Brooklyn Cruiser

It started with the Bedford Men’s Commuter Bike last year. It was a modern twist on the classic Dutch frame with a Sturmey Archer 2-speed kick shift hub, a leather dual coil saddle and exquisite ergonomic leather handle grips. And with those creamy tires and that wood box fastened to the rear carry rack, the Bedford was and remains a real head-turner. (It also happens to be my current ride, and it will only be taken from my cold dead hands.)

This Spring, Brooklyn Cruiser is expanding its collection with the Driggs 3-Speed Commuter Bike. At first glance, the Driggs is nearly identical to its older brother. But look more closely, and you’ll notice cables at the handle bars. The Driggs introduces a handle brake and a new Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Internal Hub, giving an added gear to your urban cycling experience. In addition to the choice of black or ivory like the original Brooklyn Cruiser, the Driggs comes in a third color: tangerine. Slick.

The new bike starts shipping on May 1, 2012, and will run you $549. It arrives at your door 90% assembled with detailed instructions for complete assembly. But for an extra $75, it can come to your door fully assembled.

When I got my own cruiser, it was a total game changer. I speak from experience when I say that this is the way to cycle around the city.


Bicycle Bicycle

The Men's City Bike by Brooklyn Cruiser

The bike. It was a rite of passage as a kid growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland. The bike was the key to neighborhood freedom, which eventually gave way to the wider freedom enabled by the car. But those innocent days of youth spent on my bike were sweet.

Now, as a near middle-age man in New York City, the bicycle has become my favorite way to get around town. A little company here in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Cruiser has rekindled my affection for the simple bicycle with their gorgeous Men’s City Bike (pictured above). One couldn’t pedal around the city more stylishly. It looks vintage and timeless, with a construction that will definitely persevere over the years.

The Men’s City Bike comes with a rear carry rack, genuine leather dual coil saddle, swept back handle bars, and newly introduced Sturmey Archer 2-speed kick shift hub (remember the back pedal brake on your old Huffy?). There is also a women’s model.

You can purchase the bike in person in Brooklyn at 718 Cyclery, Inc., or you can order the bike online. The price tag is a fair $499. Brilliant.