A Tangerine Dream from Brooklyn Cruiser

It started with the Bedford Men’s Commuter Bike last year. It was a modern twist on the classic Dutch frame with a Sturmey Archer 2-speed kick shift hub, a leather dual coil saddle and exquisite ergonomic leather handle grips. And with those creamy tires and that wood box fastened to the rear carry rack, the…

The Bedford City Bike by Brooklyn Cruiser

Bicycle Bicycle

It was a rite of passage as a kid growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland. The bike. The gateway to neighborhood freedom, which eventually gave way to the wider freedom enabled by the car. But those innocent days of youth spent on my simple bike were sweet.

Now, as a near middle-age man in New York City, the bicycle has become my favorite way to get around town. A little company here in Brooklyn has rekindled my affection for the simple bicycle: Brooklyn Cruiser.