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Handsome iPhone Skin Guards from Spigen SPG

Wood "Camagon" iPhone 4S Skin Guard from Spigen SGP

L.A. based company Spigen SGP (Stylish People’s Good Partner) designs and manufactures scratch-resistant coating films and cases for mobile devices. They’ve just launched a new collection for the iPhone 4 and 4S called the Skin Guard Set Series. I’m not one for masking the most elegant smartphone ever designed, but this handsome collection demands some attention.

The skin guards come in seven different veneers: Cube 3D; Wood (my favorite); white, black or brown Leather; Carbon 3D; and Metal Camagon. They not only look terrific, but they are made with high-quality, eco-friendly materials with no harmful substances. The faux wood and leathers look, feel and even smell like the real thing. The set comes with 1 skin guard, 1 ultra crystal screen protector, a microfiber fabric and a squeegee.

The best part? They’re only $18.

Get one.

iPhone 4 Legacy 128k Case

[singlepic id=190 w=640 h=347 float=left]

I’ve said it many times… I’m not a fan of cases that hide the appearance of the world’s most elegant smartphone. Les Forges MDK, however, has created something truly special for the iPhone 4. It actually capitalizes on the beautiful look and feel inherent in the iPhone’s design while putting a classic Apple 128K Macintosh skin on it.

No word on whether or not it’s available for purchase, but it sure is a fun idea.