I’m a huge fan of Ray Donavan and also a huge fan of Liev’s style in the title role. The wardrobe is so well-chosen, looks so good and is totally character-appropriate. I just stumbled upon this great piece in Indiewire by Sundi Rose-Holt about the style behind TV’s best-dressed male characters (“TV’s Most Dapper Gentlemen: Costume Designers Reveal the Secrets of Suits”).

I love the description of Ray’s style:

Since Ray is a Hollywood fixer, his wardrobe has to be well constructed enough to be taken seriously, but not loud enough to draw attention. This manifests itself in lots of black-on-black, “beautiful pieces that will open doors, and classic masculine silhouettes.” [Christopher] Lawrence (costume designer) likened him to a “shark navigating the waters of Los Angeles, sleek and stealth.”