How To Sew a Button on a Shirt, Coat or Jacket

When it comes to sharing useful information, I have a personal “non-compete” clause with respect to other individuals or companies who solve the problem brilliantly. Instead of being redundant, I would simply rather applaud the good work of others and carry the message, much like I did with “How To Tie a Bow Tie” by The Hill Side. Continue reading


The Unfortunate State of Black Tie at the Academy Awards

While Alec Baldwin gives up on New York, I’m giving up on Hollywood. Movie stars are among the richest and most privileged people on the planet – with more money and resources at their disposal than almost anyone – and yet an alarming number of them still can’t get black tie right. Between the notch lapels, the neckties and other tragic experiments, Tinseltown’s prom night looked like a cross between a funeral, a chauffeur convention and a prom night in Hollywood, Florida. Continue reading


New York Bike Style

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The past year included some exciting firsts for me. I became a regular featured contributor to a bike style magazine (Momentum Magazine), I was hired as contributor and fashion editor for the premiere issue of the new men’s magazine of SunCity Group in Macau, and I took on my first client as a personal stylist. I can now add my inclusion in a fabulous new book to that list. Continue reading


My Favorite Reliable, Handsome and Affordable Watches

In addition to the choice and condition of a man’s shoes, a man’s choice in watch offers particular clues about his character. And like shoes, watches can creep into snob territory, where bigger, gaudier and more expensive is supposed to be better or more impressive. That old chestnut of how the flex of spending muscle trumps taste. Continue reading