The Importance of Cedar Shoe Trees

You cannot underestimate the importance of shoes. They say a lot about us. And it’s not about expensive shoes versus inexpensive ones. It’s about well-chosen shoes that are well-tended. I apply the same degree of care to my Florsheims as I apply to my Aldens.

In addition to regular leather conditioning and shine, and maintenance and protection of the soles with taps, I also preserve the appearance and longevity of my shoes with cedar shoe trees. Continue reading


My Cordovan Chukka Boots from Alden

With many things pertaining to smarter modes in menswear, I’m often late to the party. I didn’t fully understand the pleasure (or importance) of a well-tailored suit or what went into a well-made shoe until my late 30s. When I “discovered” things like Warby Parker, J.Crew’s Ludlow suits, Indochino, Kamakura or The Tie Bar, I learned that other smartasses in the menswear ether had known about them for years. I don’t claim to be inventing any wheels here, and I will never pretend to be an expert. We get there when we get there.

Another party to which I arrived late is Alden. To be clear, I’ve certainly been aware of Alden and their gold standard in American shoe and boot making for a long time. In fact, I’ve been coveting a pair of Alden’s cordovan chukka boots for several years. My new arrival to the Alden party comes in the form of actually owning a pair. Continue reading


Fall Sportcoat from Indochino

I was in the mood for another jacket for the fall. Years ago, I had a beautiful bold check Givenchy wool sportcoat that I loaned to a friend and never saw again, and I’ve quietly longed to replace it for ages. This season, the exquisite collection from the Italian tailoring house Isaia featured a stunning sportcoat that reminded me of my long lost Givenchy. When Indochino rolled out their Fall 2014 collection weeks ago, my eye was caught by their Loden Check Wool Sportcoat, which was strikingly similar to (and far closer to my budget than) the gorgeous Isaia jacket. So I pulled the trigger. Continue reading


A Conversation with Ryan Zagata, President of Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

Ryan Zagata is the president and founder of Brooklyn Bicycle Co., formerly Brooklyn Cruiser. Before starting the company, Ryan was selling software. Naturally, my question was: How does a guy go from selling software to starting a bicycle company? So, I rode my Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow 3-speed out to the company HQ in Brooklyn to have a conversation with Ryan about connecting those dots. Continue reading

Raising the bar without raising the budget.