Rubber on My Soles

I have been – and remain – an advocate of putting plastic taps under the toes and the heels of shoes in order to preserve the soles and extend the overall life of the shoes. I’ve been doing it for years, and it has worked very well.

Every time I bring a new pair of shoes to the cobbler to get “tapped,” he points at the leather sole and asks if I want rubber, which is a thin protective layer of rubber adhered to the leather sole. When I tell him I want taps, he asks again: “You sure you don’t want rubber?”

His obsession with rubber instead of taps under the toes made me wonder: Was rubber really the right way to go? Continue reading “Rubber on My Soles”


The Iconic Style of John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the first television president. It was the advent of the 1960s – the Mad Men era – when his debate with Richard Nixon was the first to be televised, making the Kennedy presidency the first to be covered on television in its entirety, from its beginning to its violent premature end.

Some believe that Kennedy won the first debate because he made a more attractive visual presentation than Nixon to the television audience, while some who listened to the debate on the radio actually felt that Nixon made a better show. Regardless, it was a new era – an era of television – where appearances would matter more than ever.

However one felt about him or his politics, one could not deny that Jack Kennedy possessed powerful charm, enormous appeal and looks that the camera loved. He was a glamorous package that even Frank Sinatra couldn’t resist.

He also had style. Continue reading “The Iconic Style of John F. Kennedy”