Solving My Solid Poplin Dress Shirt Problem

Here’s my conundrum: my preferred basic, essential dress shirt is a solid white or solid pale blue slim-fit shirt with a 3″ semi-spread collar, French cuffs, a 15.5″ neck and a 35″ collar in regular cotton poplin for under $80 or so.

One would think that such a shirt would be easy to find. Basic and uncomplicated, right? Au contraire, mon frere. Continue reading


Rare Sartorial Flair in the Power Chair

Members of elite corporate and political power circles are not known for their personal style. Quite the opposite, actually. The titans of industry who make headlines today practice such a rigorously uninspired, frumpy, Normcore anti-glamour that it must disappoint even the most well-paid prostitutes who show up to their suite at the Mandarin Oriental.

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Raising the bar without raising the budget.