Ludlow Shoes from J.Crew

The Ludlow Wingtip (in Cigar Brown)
The Ludlow Wingtip (in Cigar Brown)
If you crave a pair of stunning long wingtip or plain toe bluchers from Alden but find the $600 – $700 price tag a little tough right now, fear not. J.Crew has expanded its popular Ludlow line to include a handsome, well made and affordable selection of shoes.

The Ludlow shoes incorporate that English heritage of construction with a nice leather upper, a hefty leather sole with a steel shank and a Goodyear welt. The Ludlow line comes as a plain toe blucher or a long wingtip brogue. Though the shoes aren’t fully made in the U.S.A., many of their components, like the insole, outsole, lining and welt, are harvested on American soil.

For that past few years, J.Crew made a nice line of plain toe bluchers and wingtips called Prestons. I bought a black pair and a brown pair of the wingtips, and I’m very happy with them. I presume the new Ludlow line is intended to replace them. The Black Mahogany or Cigar Brown wingtips are particularly calling to me.

The wingtips go for $318, and the plain toe bluchers are $298. With good care, cedar shoe trees and taps under the toe and heel, these kicks should last a lifetime.

In terms of a handsome, well made, affordable and workable solution, it looks like J.Crew has hit another one out of the park.

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2 thoughts on “Ludlow Shoes from J.Crew”

  1. Can you educate me on the purpose of taps on shoes? I thought it was to help shoes with traction. Does it protect the sole as well? Also, I’m close to pulling the trigger on the ludlow wingtips or a pair of Allen Edmond Mcallisters, suggestions?

    1. Hi. Taps prevent the wearing under the heel and the sole under the toe, drastically reducing the amount of times you’ll need to re-sole the shoes. Instead of re-soling ($80 at my cobbler), I just have the taps replaced when they wear out ($4/pair). Much more sensible. As for which shoe… completely up to you. Both shoes are fantastic. If it matters… Allen Edmonds is an American company that actually makes their shoes in the U.S.

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