Ask George: Dr. Bronner’s Soap in the Shower

A reader named Adrian had this question:

“I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s as a face wash for years now, but can’t get it on a loofah and on a wash cloth. It never seems to get really soapy. What gives? Any thoughts?”

As I wrote in an earlier post on Dr. Bronner’s Soap, I’ve been using it for a long time. Peppermint is their most popular and my personal flavor of choice. I’m no chemist, but I’m guessing that it doesn’t lather like crazy because there are essential oils in the soap formula, which is vegetable based, as opposed to petroleum based. In addition to the essential oils, it also contains organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils.

But perhaps the biggest reason that Dr. Bronner’s doesn’t foam up like Mr. Bubble is that it contains no synthetic foaming agents, thickeners or preservatives, unlike many other liquid or bar soaps.

One caveat about the effect of the oil content of the soap is how it feels when it rinses. When I first started using Dr. Bronner’s, I was coming from a very basic, sudsy, detergent-like bar soap that came in a six-pack. It rinsed to a squeaky-clean feeling because it was stripping my skin of its natural oils, ultimately making my skin feel dry and itchy after toweling off – especially in winter. Dr. Bronner’s is different. It doesn’t strip the skin of those natural oils, leaving you clean without drying you out. It’s also a brilliant pre-shave wash. Remember that we’re cleaning our skin here, not washing dishes.

A confession: I do use a loofah in the shower, probably about three times each week. It’s a great way to smooth the skin and scrub off dead cells, and it’s infinitely less expensive than high-end body scrubs. I use it like a wash cloth, getting it good and wet in the shower, then pouring a good dose of Dr. Bronner’s onto it. I work it into a lather (as much as Dr. Bronner’s lathers) and gently scrub away. The tingle from the peppermint is invigorating.

Since I wear my hair short, I’m also perfectly comfortable using Dr. Bronner’s as my shampoo. This might not be the best idea for guys who wear their hair longer, since the oils in the soap can cause build-up, leaving the hair limp. But for guys with buzzed or short hair like mine, it’s a great, clean, soothing scrub for the scalp.

I hope this answer’s Adrian’s question and further explains why Dr. Bronner’s is the only bottle in my shower.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Feel free to hit me up here.

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