Alec Baldwin Talks With Dick Cavett

If you haven’t subscribed to Alec Baldwin‘s podcast Here’s The Thing, do it now. In this episode, Alec has a fascinating talk with the legendary Dick Cavett at Cavett’s home on Long Island, a house called Tick Hall. From the website:

Photo by Barbara Friedman
Cavett shares some of his memories with Alec: meeting Orson Welles in the lobby of the Plaza; talking with Marlon Brando by phone – “I was told he would [call] at a certain time and we talked with the sun about 15 degrees above the horizon until well after the moon had risen;” and interviewing Laurence Olivier in the Wyndham Hotel when, Cavett says, he was feeling so depressed “I just want[ed] to go home and get under the rug.” Dick Cavett is the master of talk, a television legend; in this conversation, he shows Alec why his career has spanned nearly five decades.

Listen below or download here.

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