John Bartlett’s Tiny Tim Camouflage Dog Gear

Olive Tiny Tim Camouflage "John Bartlett + Wagwear" Nylon Dog Leash

Commemorative of his beloved and departed rescue dog named Tiny Tim, John Bartlett has expanded his Tiny Tim line to include not just man, but man’s best friend. In addition to a great collection of shirts, sweatshirts, socks, ties, belts, bags and beyond, Mr. Bartlett has introduced leashes and collars for our furry buddies.

Created in a collaboration with NYC-based dog gear company Wagwear, the leashes and collars come in olive or pink, are made with super-strong pet-safe nylon and are adorned with the signature Tiny Tim camouflage trim. The leashes are 1″ x 4′ and cost $40. The adjustable collars come in small/medium (1″ x 10-15″) or large/extra-large (1″ x 15-21″) and go for $30.

As with all of the Tiny Tim wear, 10% of all proceeds go to the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund, which pulls animals from high-risk kill shelters, provides them with any needed medical attention and puts them in loving foster and, ultimately, permanent homes.

John Bartlett

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