Bonobo Series Bags by BlueLounge: Good For Your Gear (And The Environment)

Having just done some air travel over the holidays, bags are on my mind. More specifically, smarter bags. At the airport security checkpoint and on the plane, I observed much clumsy fumbling with carry-on bags, particularly with inexperienced or unprepared travelers with their tech.

Our friends at BlueLounge have come up with impressive and handsome solutions with their Bonobo Series. Ranging from backpacks, sleeves, totes and messenger bags, the Bonobo Series bags stylishly protect your valuable gear with a formidable interior lining, tough aluminum buckles, quick-release levers and a soft matte water-resistant shell that is made out of 100% recycled PET bottles.

These great-looking bags beautifully combine form and function. For the style, security and environmental courtesy these bags offer, the numbers are quite fair:

Backpack: $159
iPad + Laptop Sleeve: $45 – $60
Laptop Tote: $129
Messenger: $139

Bonobo Series by BlueLounge

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