My Two Days With Hugh Jackman

I’m thrilled that Hugh Jackman’s one-man show – Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway – is a hit this season on Broadway. He deserves it.

Hugh with his French Bulldog Peaches
Back in 2001, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Hugh Jackman in a scene in Kate & Leopold (Miramax). Our scene, during which Hugh is auditioning for a margarine commercial, was shot on the first day of shooting for the movie. The director, James Mangold, called us all in for a rehearsal the day before at a recording studio in the Edison Hotel, where this scene was also shot.

The first X-Men film was released the year before and had catapulted Hugh to a new level of super-stardom. On the two days I spent with Hugh in early 2001, I found him to be extraordinarily affable and kind. He was a total gentleman.

If being a talented, smart, handsome as hell and all-around good guy weren’t enough, HJ is also a dog-lover, which brings his stock even higher in our book.

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